The Project

The goal is simple enough. I will attempt to read one hundred new books in 2018. I will post reviews and thoughts on each book I read.


So what will define a “book” for this project?

  1. No re-reads. This is going to be hard for me, as I tend to retreat to my old favorites when I am feeling sad or overwhelmed. But the point of this project is to expand my horizons and read a variety of new materials, so if I do end up reading Harry Potter for the twelfth time (which is a definite possibility), then it will not count towards the ultimate goal.
  2. The book has to be at least 150 pages long.
  3. None of the books I read for work will count. I teach a few children’s literature courses. These don’t count because I’m reading them for money not enjoyment.
  4. Fiction and nonfiction are both fair game, but how-to manuals and textbooks don’t count. So if I read a book on how to DIY my own zombie survival kit, it won’t go towards the goal of one hundred books. Although I might still post some tips on that book. You can never be too safe, people.

At that’s it! Let’s get reading!